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January 9, 2018| Layero Themes

Nowadays, every kind of small and large scale business needs a website as a part of its identity, branding, marketing, and sale. Developing and maintaining a website is not easy unless you have a flexible backend, from where you can easily control the design as well as contents in the frontend. This is where the WordPress platform comes in to help. WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that helps you to manage your contents and website with just a few clicks. Its advantages have made it one of the most widely used CMS in the web industry.

WordPress is considered to be one of the best platforms to create a website from scratch, without any basic knowledge of coding. All you need is a high-quality theme. WordPress used codes like HTML, CSS, and PHP, and s on and gathers all the files you need to create the pages you want. Here are some more reasons that make WordPress an all-time favourite platform for developers and users all over the world.

Easy Installation
Installing WordPress to your domain can be done with just a few clicks. There is no need of any expertise or knowledge in coding to do so. It won’t take more than 3 minutes to install the platform through your hosting provider. The dashboard in WordPress has all the requirements neatly placed for you to add or edit your contents and publish it.

WordPress provides maximum flexibility to the users by providing all the necessary tools required to build a powerful website. All the changes needed for your website can be implemented with just a few clicks. Applications can also be installed inside WordPress to make your site function better. Just like adding apps on to your Smartphone, these plugins can be added and installed quickly. There are a million plugins out there that serves different purposes for your website. For example, there are plugins for social media integration, contact form map plugins, event calendar plugins and so on.

Pages And Posts
In WordPress, the contents to be published can be presented in the form of pages or posts. A page is considered as sort of a static entry of contents to a website, whereas posts are considered as a journal entry to a blog. These pages and posts can be easily added, edited, updated, and published with addition of images, videos and other media. The page concept is useful for contents like “About Us”, “Contact Us” and other similar static pages to be provided in the upper menu of Home Page.

You can bring in more contents as widgets in your sidebar. These contents can also be easily updated and edited according to your wish.

Search Engine Optimized
WordPress based websites are known to be SEO friendly. The platform provides special fields for every pages and posts that are added new to the website. By filling these fields with keywords, it helps the website get indexed in search engines like Google. Also, since contents in WordPress platform are easy to update, the site can be updated frequently, and search engines prefer to index such sites.

Blogging And Earning
As WordPress was originally meant as a blogging platform, it is always recommended to add a blog to your WordPress website. There are a lot of options available to change the commenting capabilities, linking to other blogs, adding post categories, tags, and so on. You can also integrate your blog with Google AdSense to earn from the visitors your blog bring in. You can also add different affiliate programs to monetize your website.

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