What Is Responsive Design? What Are Its Advantages?

January 9, 2018| Layero Themes

What Is A Responsive Website?

Some years ago there was a wide differentiation between a desktop and a mobile. Earlier, we would have a computer and a mobile phone. Accordingly, for a website there would be two versions. One would be the desktop version and the other would be a simpler version for the mobile. But now, after the major boom in the use of tablets, and smartphones, along with tons of new technologies that provides easy access to internet, we have been forced to design websites that are compatible for more monitor resolutions and devices than ever before. With responsive web design technology we can design websites that are flexible, and fits well enough into all of these devices rather than trying to create and maintain individual websites for each device.

Apart from the different screen resolutions, each website may be opened in different web browsers for each device. This has also brought in designers expectations in bringing in websites that can be easily browsed on their phones like they are browsed on a desktop computer. Even the most experienced web development companies are suggesting optimization for different devices as your traffic will certainly not come from only desktop or mobile devices.

In short, due to the increasing number of screen sizes and resolutions, it is impossible to design different versions of a website that targets each individual device. This problem is rectified by using a responsive design.

Now, let us look at some more advantages, that a responsive website offers:

1. Let Your Website Reach Mobile And Tablet Users As Well

Earlier, designers used to only worry on how to bring in traffic from users who own desktop computers. But, with the latest technology, the number of tablet users alone have increased to a whopping 100 million. This means that in coming years, the number of mobile and tablet users summed up will be more than desktop users. The user’s needs have been clearly satisfied by introducing responsive designs for websites.

2. Bring In Traffic And Sales

You can easily bring in more sales and conversion rates by providing the users a website with consistency and a single design approach. Once the users get familiar with the navigation of your single design website it will surely help in increasing traffic and sales.

3. Get Your Site Optimized

With a responsive design website you have a better chance to get your site optimized by bringing in the right strategies. Since the design features are same for all resolutions, you have to manage only a single set of hypertext links. This is helpful for you to carry your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques as all your efforts and tactics can be carried on to a single site and thus reap its benefits on all devices.

By putting in loads of relevant, good quality content into your website, your website will surely be ranked well in search engines, and this factor also brings in advantages from a responsive design. In the website the content will be same for all devices and resolutions and there will be very less need of content duplication. Thus, the probability of a good search engine ranking is likely.

4. Save Time And Money

Since a single website has the same design in all devices, you can save a lot of money from not having to design additional mobile site. Though the time and costs for developing a responsive website is high, it will not come anywhere near the traditional system.

You can also save money and time in managing and maintaining the contents in the website. The single layout administration can be easily managed using workflow tools.

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