Top 10 Payment Gateway Extensions for EDD (Easy Digital Downloads)

January 9, 2018| Layero Themes

EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins to setup an E-Commerce store for selling Digital Goods (like E-Books, Software, Videos, Courses, Music, Creative Graphics etc). In this article, we cover the popular and top 10 Payment Gateway Extensions for EDD that will allows you to collect payments and start transacting through your online store.

The EDD Extensions repository lists a good collection of Payment Extensions. You can integrate any of these edd extensions to setup a payment gateway (or multiple payment gateways) in your digital goods store. Most of them  require an SSL certification, which will be a good security for your store. SSL protects your payments data (while processing) as well as user login information.

Like most of the E-commerce WordPress plugins(Ex:- Woocommerce) EDD supports free Paypal Integration. Through Paypal Integration, EDD can accept credit card as well as paypal payments.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 EDD payment gateway extensions.

1. Stripe

Stripe is the best payment gateway extension when it comes to Easy digital downloads. EDD do have a stripe extension which you can purchase at 49 $.This payment gateway process payments through credit cards on your digital e-commerce store n(using stripe account)

Some of the major features of the Stripe EDD extension are,

  • Allows complete support for recurring payment extension(makes your store capable to process recurring subscriptions)
  • Supports Stripe checkout, Alipay.
  • Need SSL certification. Your digital goods store need to have an SSL enabled in order to support Stripe payments.

Pricing Information (Single Site: $49, 2- 5 Sites: $82, Unlimited: $123)

2. Authorize.Net

This extension allows credit card payments on your portal through your authorize.net account. One of the highlight feature and advantage of this extension is that the customer never leaves your website. The customers enter their credit card details and complete the purchase in your portal’s payment page itself.

Pricing Information ( Single Site – $39.00,  2 – 5 Sites – $75.00, Unlimited Sites – $103.00)

3.  Braintree

Another good edd payment gateway extension is the Braintree edd extension. Braintree addon is available at $49 (single site usage).This extension allows your store to accept credit card payments through your Braintree account.

Major details about the extension

  • Does not support recurring payments – This extension will not support recurring payments. According to them, they’ll add this in future.
  • Braintree is available in all major countries.
  • Braintree requires an SSL certificate
  • Doesn’t support payments through Paypal.

Pricing Information(Single Site – $49.00, 2 – 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited Sites – $123.00)

4. First Data

This EDD payment gateway can accept credit card payments in your digital goods store in an easy and secure way.This extension allows secure payments in your website through the firstdata account. This will be a good choice for international sellers as this extension supports international payments as well.

Pricing Information (Single Site – $49.00, 2 – 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout allows your customers to pay using credit card/debit card and Paypal balances.This extension allows you to process payments in more than 15 languages and 20 different currencies. FYI:- We @ Layero makes use of this extension to process payments in our website.

Main points to note about the 2 check out edd extension.

  • Supports on site purchase.
  • Supports recurring payments.
  • Available in all countries except: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.
  • SSL is required for onsite purchases . SSL is not required for off site purchases, where customers are driven into 2checkout website to do the transaction

Pricing Info (Single Site – $49.00, 2 – 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

6. Check Payment Gateway

The check payment gateway is designed to accept hand written checks or other forms of payment methods for your digital download purchase. When a user makes the purchase by selecting check as the payment method, your store admin needs to approve the payment and upon approval the download link will be sent to the customer.

EDD Check Payment Gateway

Pricing Info (Single Site – $29.00, 2 – 5 Sites – $55.00, Unlimited – $91.00)

7. Paypal Pro And Paypal Express

This EDD extension allows you to accept payments through  Paypal Pro and Paypal Express. While making the payment, the credit card details are entered in your store checkout page itself which will be a better experience for the user.

Paypal Pro EDD Addon

Major points to note about the PayPal Pro and PayPal Express Extension.

  • Supports recurring payments.
  • Supports In-Context Checkout.
  • Paypal Pro is available only in US, UK, Australia and Canada but Paypal Express is available in most of the countries.
  • SSL is required for Paypal Pro, but not for Paypal Express.

Pricing Info (Single Site – $49.00, 2- 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

8. EDD Wallet

EDD Wallet allows your customers to add funds to their Wallet. These deposits will be converted to store credits, which they can use later to make purchases.

EDD Wallet

Major features of EDD WALLET extension

  • Customers can deposit cash anytime they want. Funds in the wallet can be used anytime to purchase products from your store.
  • The store admin can limit the deposit amount.
  • Store admin can manually add or remove credits from users wallet .
  • Works with all payment gateways.
  • Store admin can view and manage the customer credits.

Pricing Info (Single Site – $49.00, 2- 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

9. Sofort EDD Payment Gateway

This easy digital downloads extension allows you to pay through Sofort Banking .Once the extension is installed , you can configure the Sofort gateway in Downloads > Settings > Payments Gateways

Pricing Info (Single Site – $49.00, 2- 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

10. Bitpay EDD Payment Gateway

The Bitpay edd payment gateway extension allows you to accept payments via bitcoin. The payment will be handled through your bitpay (biggest bitcoin business solution provider) account.

Pricing Info (Single Site – $49.00, 2- 5 Sites – $82.00, Unlimited – $123.00)

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