Graha – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Map-based real estate and property agent WP theme

Manage your real estate listings and agents with our map based real estate theme. ‘Graha’ is ideal for single brokers as well as real estate companies with multiple agents.

Latest Update: 25. Jan. 2023

Graha 4.0


  • Home page, Admin Dashboard, Add property and Property type page functionality errors.
  • Listing Not updating from frontend.
  • Not uploading gallery image on add property from frontend.4.Add property form not submitting from frontend.
  • Multiple image uploading issue.
  • Blog page category issue.
  • Enquiry Forms not working.
  • Suggest listing form not working.
  • Restriction in every form fields.
  • Permalinks not working.
  • Sidebar not working properly.
  • Widgets data issue.
  • Add property form reset.
  • Google Map API not working.
  • Forms reset after submit.
  • Html format while sending mail or enquiries.
  • Footer not working.
  • Agents Detail function.
  • Home page slider function.
  • Search form working issue.
  • Agent login redirection on a valid login form.
  • Add login, logout and my listing tab for users and admin.
  • Issue in Mortgage Calculator.
  • Not showing related property in listing type page sidebar.
  • Single post page Tags issue.
  • Validation in all forms.
  • Labels are not there on some fields.
  • UI Changes on Buttons and multiple page.
  • Create a register button for not logged in users.
  • Header logo issue.
  • Default demo image on agent’s profile.
  • Sidebar Quick links not working.
  • Forms submission message.
  • Blog rating and comment issue.
  • Image size issue in listings.
  • Image and content overlapping.

Graha theme documentation 

Multiple Homepage Variations
Choose from various homepage templates to set up your site quick and effectively.


Map Based Listings
Graha is a google map based bootstrap premium WordPress real estate theme. Each property you add will be listed on a map based its latitudes and longitudes. These maps will be visible in search listings, home and single property pages. This gives the users a better experience in finding properties near to their desired location. The user can directly select the property from the map and view basic details or send an inquiry. He can also go to the details page by just clicking a button.


If you want to implement a slider instead, that too comes with this real estate WordPress theme.

Mobile And Tablet Friendly Design
Our real estate WordPress theme is developed to provide an optimum viewing experience on devices of all screen sizes. That means the contents of your website will adjust itself to the size of the screen on which it is viewed, making it super easy to browse and use the website on a smartphone or a tablet. Using responsive design it is now easy to use your website on any devices as easy as it is on a PC.


Choose Any Color Schemes
Graha real estate WordPress theme comes with unlimited color schemes and 12 backgrounds. Create your own style.

Know What Is in Your Neighborhood
This is exclusively developed for ‘Graha’. While deciding a property to buy or lease won’t a mom be interested in knowing the nearest school to send her children, won’t an employee want to know the nearest bus stop, won’t a family want to know the nearest park? With ‘Graha’ responsive real estate wordpress theme all this is possible. In each listing a neighborhood map will be displayed showing a number of pre-defined nearby places. This will help the visitors to know in advance if the location is apt for them.


Unlimited Listings
Graha real estate WordPress theme allows you to list any number of properties along with all their images, video, text and 360 degree photographs. You can list them under unlimited number of categories like apartment, villa etc as well.

Customizable Menu
Graha real estate WordPress theme comes with two menu layouts; logo center and logo left, and you can customize it with any background color and font color giving you unlimited styles for your menus.

Add Multiple Agents
Running a real estate company with multiple agents? You can add different agents for different listings in our premium real estate wordpress theme-Graha. The agent for each listing will be displayed next to it so visitors can easily contact you via that agent. If you don’t need this you can always disable this in ‘theme options’


Agent Profiles
In addition to having ‘multiple agents’ feature our real estate WordPress theme display a profile page for each agent. The profile page will show the agent’s contact details as well as all the properties he is in charge of. This is most helpful when you need to find listings under a particular agent.

Search Facility
The search option developed for our ‘Responsive real estate WordPress theme’ is very simple and user-friendly. The search results will display map based results in addition to the regular listings. You can select a suitable property either from the map or from the results.


Awesome Blog
Do you blog? Do you plan to write articles about real estate industry and publish them in your website? That’s why we provide a built in blog with our responsive WordPress theme. You and your co-authors can publish articles, videos, downloadable documents and images using this blog section.

Display Multiple Image
Can I display multiple images of a property? Sure you can. Using our bootstrap real estate theme you can display any number of images of a property whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, living area or anything.


Amenity Listing
Want to create a list of amenities that can be added for each listing without typing them again and again? Want to display a well-structured and beautiful list of amenities? ‘Graha’ enables the easy addition of amenities to each of your listings.


Display Videos
Do you want to show videos for each property listed? You can show, not just one but many, videos using our awesome bootstrap real estate WordPress theme. Each property page has a separate section to display the videos you want. Each of these videos can be easily added through our backend.


360 Degree Images
Want to display 360 degree images of your properties? With ‘Graha’ you can do that as well. You can easily upload spherical panoramic images for each property using google maps ‘View’.


Awesome Theme Options
‘Graha’ offers a lot of customization through theme options panel. It allows customization of layout, contact page, Blog, Home page, logo, favicon, google analytics code, testimonials, slider, menu etc. It requires no coding knowledge or expertise to customize the theme using our theme options panel.


Featured Listings
Display your hot properties in home page and inner pages.


Built With Bootstrap
Graha-bootstrap real estate wordpress theme uses Bootstrap frame work. Bootstrap is developed by the team at ‘Twitter’ and is an open source Javascript framework. It makes coding easier and faster. If you are not a developer or have no plans for customizing this bootstrap theme then you need not worry about this.

Widgetized Sidebars And Footer
The home page, footer and all sidebars are widgetised. That means you can drag and drop any available widgets to these areas and thus simply customize pages.

Cross-Browser Compatibility
Our real estate WordPress theme works well with all the main browsers. It is supported by Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and IE9+. And yes ofcourse it will look great on your smart phone and tablet too.

High Coding Standards
Graha real estate wordpress theme is coded to meet W3C standards. You can use SEO plugins like ‘All in one SEO’ or ‘Wordpress SEO Plugin’ by Yoast to improve the rankings in search engines.

Easy Analytics Integration
In the theme options panel there is a field exclusively for adding Google Analytics code. All you have to do is paste the analytics code and save.