EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins to setup an E-Commerce store for selling Digital Goods (like E-Books, Software, Videos, Courses, Music, Creative Graphics etc). In this article, we cover the popular and top 10 Payment Gateway Extensions for EDD that will allows you to collect payments and start transacting through your online store. The EDD Extensions repository lists a good collection of Payment Extensions. You can integrate any of these edd extensions to setup a payment gateway (or multiple payment gateways) in your digital goods store. Most of them  require an SSL certification, which will be a good security for your store. SSL protects your payments data (while processing) as well as user login information. Like most of the E-commerce WordPress plugins(Ex:- Woocommerce) EDD supports free Paypal Integration. Through Paypal Integration, EDD can accept credit card as well as paypal payments. Now let’s have a look at the top…    read more