Google Map Neighborhood Plugin for WordPress

“Google Map Neighborhood” is a premium WordPress plugin release by Layero to help you list nearby places on your web page using Google Maps easily. This plugin provides one of the easiest way to find near by places using Address (Latitude and Longitude) on Google Map. Moreover this plugin is based on the latest Google Maps API version.

What it does:

If you want to display the nearby places like pubs, restaurants, bus stations etc of a location in your website this is the best plugin for you. ‘Layero Google Map Neighbourhood Plugin’ displays a maximum of 20 results for each nearby place you are looking for.

This plugin is especially useful for real estate websites, travel and hotel websites. This ( is an example of a real estate web page using this plugin effectively.

Layero neighborhoo map


Installation is simple and easy. It is given in the ‘readme.txt’ file in the plugin folder.

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