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Accelerated Mobile Pages – How to Implement Google AMP on a WordPress Website

February 20, 2017    

If you’ve been following the latest SEO trends rigorously, you may know that Google Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP) is quickly gaining traction amongst website owners. Google Accelerated Mobile Project is an open source initiative by Google that is geared towards speeding up the mobile browsing experience to a great extent on the open web. You might be aware of various page speed boosting tactics already, but AMP stands out from the rest….    read more 

The Ultimate WordPress Security Checklist

February 20, 2017    

It is quite surprising that many website owners go along with the wrong assumption that security is not a big concern for a website that doesn’t attract huge traffic on a daily basis. The reality is that security has nothing to do with the amount of traffic. Did you know that hackers also attack websites just for fun? Yes, while some hackers inject malicious code to steal personal data and spread their…    read more 

12 Effective Tricks to Improve Your WordPress Page Speed

February 20, 2017    

You may have already heard WordPress speed is important for SEO. Google has continued to emphasize page speed in their algorithm. If you’re not optimizing your website for better WordPress speed, you’re probably losing organic traffic from search engines. Besides SEO, WordPress speed has an impact on driving sales and revenue to your table. Take a look at a few stats that illustrate the point. Conversion rates will be reduced by 7%…    read more