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10 Best Ways To Let Your Projects Be Hot Like Hell This Summer

Summer is at its height, delighting our senses and gratifying our desires. Summer is pretty much the season of well-deserved rest and deep relaxation. It is also the time of new imaginative ideas and fresh inspiration that you derive from warm sunny days. Whether you are still working hard and looking forward to your fun-filled vacation, or you have already returned to your work after an enjoyable holiday, it is high time…    read more 

How to integrate paypal in WordPress

September 19, 2014    

Paypal integration can be a pain if you are doing it for the first time. But once you understand the procedure,its really easy. This tutorial will help you learn how to integrate Paypal with WordPress. This Paypal integration guide for WordPress covers all aspects and scenarios of payment integration in any CMS system. # Step 1 – Implementing the Paypal Buy Now button form fields in your website. Paypal button is basically…    read more 

What is Responsive Design? What are its advantages?

October 8, 2013    

What is a responsive website? Some years ago there was a wide differentiation between a desktop and a mobile. Earlier, we would have a computer and a mobile phone. Accordingly, for a website there would be two versions. One would be the desktop version and the other would be a simpler version for the mobile. But now, after the major boom in the use of tablets, and smartphones, along with tons of…    read more 

Why Build Your Website Using WordPress

October 7, 2013    

Nowadays, every kind of small and large scale business needs a website as a part of its identity, branding, marketing, and sale. Developing and maintaining a website is not easy unless you have a flexible backend, from where you can easily control the design as well as contents in the frontend. This is where the WordPress platform comes in to help. WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that helps…    read more