Affiliate Program

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Become An Affiliate

Help us to sell our great themes and earn a whopping 40% commission for ANY sales

The affiliate program we offer is very simple. Place our affiliate links in your blog or website and when a person clicks on it and buy any theme from us within a period of 30 days you earn a flat commission of 40%.


You can signup for our affiliate program here.



  • You need to have a Paypal account. Currently we pay affiliate commissions only through Paypal.
  • You need to have a good website or a blog
  • You shouldn’t use your own affiliate links to purchase themes or plugins from us. If such a practice is noticed your account will be terminated immediately.
  • To get paid the affiliate must earn a minimum of $100. Payments are made at the end of the month if the commission reaches the minimum payment threshold. If the commission earned is less than $100 at the end of the month it will be carried forward to your earnings in the next month.


  • We use cookies to track people who have clicked on your affiliate link, so they must have cookies enabled.
  • If a person clears their cookies, we will no longer be able to track them.
  • Cookies will be stored for a period of 30 days. If they visit our site through your affiliate link and then make a purchase within 30 days you will earn a commission.

Banner Ads:

Different banner ads are available for you in your affiliate area. You can also create your own banner ads to promote sales.


If you need any support please mail to