10 Best Ways To Let Your Projects Be Hot Like Hell This Summer

10 Best Ways To Let Your Projects Be Hot Like Hell This Summer

August 17, 2017     Helen Miller    

Summer is at its height, delighting our senses and gratifying our desires. Summer is pretty much the season of well-deserved rest and deep relaxation. It is also the time of new imaginative ideas and fresh inspiration that you derive from warm sunny days. Whether you are still working hard and looking forward to your fun-filled vacation, or you have already returned to your work after an enjoyable holiday, it is high time to think about the online projects you deal with. Are they as hot as summer? Do they reflect the cheerful mood of the season? Do they convey considerable enthusiasm to make people feel stimulated? If you haven’t renewed your projects to make them more appealing and enchanting this summer, it’s high time to do so. Here are a few tips on making your online projects look hot like hell this summer.

1. Responsive Design

responsive design

Sure, responsive page design is not the newest invention, but it becomes more and more important, as people tend to browse the web with the help of smartphones and tablets. In the summertime, do you expect people to be sitting at their office desks and searching for online projects? As many people prefer to have vacation in summer, they are more likely to combine their rest with searching for necessary information. You should definitely opt for a responsive web page, such as a responsive Photographer theme if you want to ensure that your online projects look the same well on any type of screen and in any browser that your customers are using.

2. Structured Layouts

structured layout

To make your project captivating and interesting, pay attention to its presentation. A carefully crafted website to showcase a project will strike your visitors. The most popular designs include a card design layout and grid layout, as they are compatible with responsive web pages and easily adjust to different types of screens. With these designs, you can symmetrically and carefully arrange different elements, thus presenting your information clearly. A well-structured project, such as a structured Portfolio theme, will surely make it easier for your visitors to find necessary information and to perceive the details.

3. Geometric Outline

geometric design

Geometry is a powerful tool both for creating a background and for customizing your style. Various shapes, patterns, and styles constitute a powerful means for creating a visual impact. While lines and shapes can be used to guide your clients while they navigate a website, framing can be applied to highlight certain content or images. Experiment with squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, rhombuses, and hexagons to emphasize the most important parts and to balance your web page.

4. Active Animation

active animation

To promote the visual effect, it is advisable to apply various kinds of animation. After all, everybody likes fun and entertaining activities, so adding some movement to your web page will be beneficial. One of the latest trends in animation is Parallax effect. Due to the technique that involves a slower movement of background images in comparison to foreground images, Parallax effect creates the sense of full immersion in the 2D setting. Whatever your project is connected with, making it more engaging with Parallax themes will be engaging.

5. Bright and Brilliant Colors

bright colors

Doubtlessly, summer is associated with bright colors and jovial mood. So, why not apply vividness and sparkle in colors to your online projects? Bright colors will certainly catch your visitors’ eye and make them focused on your online projects. You can easily emphasize details in design and make your web page look like colourful Magic.

6. Wavy Watercolors


Speaking of colors, we can’t but mention azure and ultramarine, because these two colors are a synonym to the sea. As summer is often associated with the depth of blue seas, your project will gain attention and recognition if you use different shades of the blue color. As an example, have a look at the Oceania theme that will be suitable for creating a successful project connected with hotels and resorts, which are in high demand in summer, aren’t they? Moreover, to create the effect of splashing water, try applying watercolors to present your images. Anything, from everyday objects to flowers, plants, and animals, can be presented in watercolor style. Watercolors will make your images look more artistic and vivid.

7. Full-Screen Video


Another powerful tool to promote your project is to use a video. Without any doubt, watching a video and listening to the descriptions can be much more effective than reading an article, as a video includes the influence on both visual and audio senses. Whether it is an amusing and pleasurable project or an important and thoughtful deal, using video that can be shown on the full screen will make people look at the details more carefully.

8. Personalization and Photography


To make your project unique and enchanting, using original images and illustrations is really worthy. It does not matter if you are a photographer who wants to display a personal gallery, a fashion designer who introduces a new collection, or a farmer presenting their own farming produce pictures, personalized images will do you a great credit. Try to create a fresh look of your project’s items that you want to present. It will seem to be more reliable and trustworthy when you use real photos rather than some typical images.

9. Sizeable Typography


If you wish to create a lasting impression of your project and to make visitors inevitably find out more about it, a good idea is to use typography. Choose from hundreds of fonts to match the style of your project making it even more overpowering and reflect your personality in such a way. Larger typography will draw attention to certain elements. Surely, carefully chosen unusual fonts in your project can fascinate and intrigue your visitors, making them feel as if they were looking at some encrypted message or reading a heartfelt note. So, if you want to add the sense of summer adventures to your project, using various available fonts is an easy way of doing so.

10. Conversational Interface


Last but not least, communication is an essential part of any project, as well as it is a prominent feature of summer. Sharing photos and spreading ideas is mostly achieved through social media nowadays, so you cannot ignore them. If you want your project to be in demand, adding social media buttons to your site, for instance, will highly improve your communication with others. The more possibilities people have to stay in touch with you, the more notable and influential your project becomes.

All in all, do not waste your time, be courageous, and try these ways to make your online projects more significant. Remember that summer is about bright colors, positive mood, and endless communication.

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